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PLEASE NOTE: Images shown in the results may NOT reflect the actual road number shown in the Database, since often times a given paint paint scheme was issued in multiple road numbers. The image is designed to show the scheme, although perhaps NOT the actual road number.

Please note: This database is very much a work in progress and reflects only a small percentage of the total inventory of all existing S scale locomotives.

The S Scale Product Database Project began in 2003 as a project to catalog key S scale products so that future modelers in S scale would have a reference point on what has previously been produced in S scale. The current Product Database includes sections on Freight Cars, Passenger Cars, and Locomotives. The project grew out of an idea from Michael Greene that was implemented and expanded by the late Stan Furmanak, and is currently maintained by Michael Greene. At this point the project has been very fortunate to have received numerous contributions from many individuals, and we continue to work to expand the Database. If you have additional data not currently in the database, we would appreciate a copy of your data in order to increase the data for all S scale modelers. We can process contributions in most formats, although the most common submission formats are Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and email.

In the future we will also be adding sections of the Database -- next up is one for S Scale Structures in order to round out the set of information that is available.

In addition, volunteers are needed to verify all of the data. If you spot errors, omissions, or typos, or have contributions of new and/or additional data, please contact Michael Greene (mgreene @ cedarlane.com).

Special Notes on Source Data:

  • BRASS: Primary Sources for Brass model information are:
    1. OMFTY - Overland Models...The First 10 Years by Brian T. March (ISBN: 0-9617955-1-4, ©1987)
    2. RRM - River Raisin Models (web site and personal contact)
    3. BERG - Standard Gauge S Scale Brass List compiled by Glenn Berg and dated June 1992.

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    This product inventory data is not copyrighted and freely available for all to use. Photographs are used by permission of the copyright holder, and any other uses require permission of the copyright holder.